Detroit Berlin Connection
4:00 PM Welcome Reception / Introduction
An introductory speech on the motivations for initiating this congress. Martina Guzman and Dimitri Hegemann will give a short overview of the program for the rest of the day.
4:30 PM Presentation Berlin Based Projects
7  organizations from Berlin’s creative industry / 8 mins for each project to introduce themselves

6:00 PM Break (refreshments and time to mingle/connect)
6:30 PM Panel of the Detroit-Berlin Connection
A moderated discussion panel will include Detroit based companies and projects, including:

Moderator: Walter Wasacz, Detroit writer, editor, consultant (Model D / XLR8R )

The aim of this discussion is to bring projects and state institutions from each city together, for them to learn from each other. It will include general discussion of projects in Detroit that can benefit from examples in Berlin, as well as discussion on how to publicly finance new initiatives.

7:30 PM Break
8:00 PM Panel Continuation
Summarizing the outcomes of the first part of the Panel and closing the talk with focusing on a joint project for both cities called the “the Living Archive for Electronica,” which includes the history of music in Detroit, from Motown to the present.
9:00 PM Closing with food, drinks & music at MOCAD